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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bakeamore?


We are a one of a kind venture. 

We bake with love and to spread the message of love .

We bake and donate all the proceeds we receive to various charities where we know the contribution will make a huge impact on the lives of children.It is like a never ending bake sale.

Why does Bakeamore donate all its proceeds to charities?

Its our way of thanking God for all His blessings.

What charities does Bakeamore donate to?

We have donated to U&I, Chukkani, Kupenda.

We are open to collaborating with other organizations where we know the proceeds will make a big difference in the life of children.

How does Bakeamore support local children in Baltimore?

Let us know if you know any child undergoing a terminal illness or traumatic event. Bakeamore will create a special personalized cake for them to make their event extra special at no cost.

Do you do wedding cakes?

Yes we do wedding cakes. We will need a minimum of 1 month notice for a wedding cake. 6 months is ideal. The prices for a wedding cake will vary.

Do you make gluten free cake?

Yes we do Chocolate and Vanilla flavor.

Are your cakes nut free?

Yes but it is made in a kitchen where nuts are present.


How early do we place an order?

As early as possible with a minimum of 1 week notice. Minimum of one month notice for a wedding cake and 2 weeks advance notice if you want to cancel the order.


Do you deliver orders?

Yes,during special circumstances within a reasonable distance.


How are the cakes priced?

Check the menu section or call us at 4104020882 to get exact quotes depending on your requirements.We donate 100% of the proceeds to various charities that support under privileged children.


What all can we order from you?

Cakes, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, cake pops, cookies. Let us know if you are looking for something that is not in the list.


What other services do you provide?

We can design a personalized invite and thank you cards. We can provide personalized favors as well as do an entire dessert table for your event.

Do you conduct classes?

Yes, we do if we have a good host and venue. We would love to share our love for baking and decorating to as many people as we can. We could customize the classes according to your needs.


Where is Bakeamore located?

Lutherville,MD 21093,USA

How do we order from Bakeamore?

Call us at 410-402-0882 or email us at

We will discuss your inspirations/ideas/theme/ preferences  /personalizations or you could leave the design to us and we can get our creative hats on.

We will let you know the costs and provide you a link to an organization for you to donate the proceeds directly to.

Incase your order is for a child undergoing a traumatic situation the cake comes at no cost to you.

You will need to pay a non refundable 50% deposit 3 days before the event and the full amount before collecting your cake.

You can come and collect your order.

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